Easy DIY Spa Treatments: Face

Whenever I manage to get some freedom during the evening, where I’m actually feeling productive rather than lazy, I like to get some DIY beauty treatments in. There are oodles of products available in the drugstore for a couple dollars, or I can get all fancy and purchase high-end products from other stores, but sometimes it’s nice to walk into the kitchen and know you have your beauty products stowed in your fridge.

Natural food such as fruits, vegetables, oats, etc., offer numerous of dietary benefits that not only have an effect on your inner body, but also on skin and nails. However, consuming these products isn’t the only way to get beauty benefits – smearing them on your face will also do the trick in different ways. (Maybe that’s how babies have such smooth skin … they’re constantly getting veggie mush all over it, aren’t they?)

Personally, I feel that the best part of DIY beauty treatments are that you know exactly what you’re putting on your body. Many products on the market claim to be “natural” but still have various ingredients that you don’t know much/anything about.

Below are some different recipes, or even just single items, that can be used as face masks, exfoliates and moisturizers for your face.

Oatmeal and Onion Mask: Onions have anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in healing acne scars while oatmeal is a great skin exfoliant and helps clear pores. Combine boiled 1 oz. purified mineral water over three tablespoons of organic oatmeal, then combine in the puree of a medium onion (peel it and grind it up finely into puree in a food processor) while the oatmeal is still warm. Add honey until you get a desired thickness to make the mask sit comfortably on your face.

Cucumber moisturizing mask: make a one tablespoon puree of cucumber/parsley mixture and combine it with one tablespoon of yogurt. Blend it until the mixture is smooth and then apply it all over your face. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. This can be used for all skin types.

Strawberry, grape, cucumber or lemon slices: These all work as fantastic toners after cleansing your skin. They’ll assist in shrinking your pores and making your skin tighter. Lemon slices are recommended for those with oily skin.

Simple Sugar Exfoliant: mix together 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil (or coconut oil) and 2 tablespoons of honey to get a quick exfoliant that will get rid of dead skin cells while rehydrating. Use up to three times a week depending on your skin sensitivity. Add a bit of lemon juice to help give your skin a glow.

Lemon and Yogurt whitener: this is a good spot treatment to help fade acne scars. Use three tablespoons of plain or Greek yogurt with four tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix in two tablespoons of honey and I usually add in an egg white which has high amounts of protein that will help your skin against any harshness in the future.

Banana mask for oily skin: blend a ripe banana with tablespoon of honey and lemon juice. Leave it on your face for 15 minutes; use once a week as a rejuvenating mask.

Avocado mask for dry skin: mash half an avocado with a tablespoon of honey. The avocado will help give your skin the moisture it needs. Use one a week as a rejuvenating mask and allow it to sit on your face for about 10 minutes. Avocados in general are great moisturizers, so anyone who has dry patches can cut up some slices and rub them over the dryness.

Toothpaste spot treatment: not a food item, but definitely an item I’m hoping everyone has laying around. If you feel an emerging breakout, dab some toothpaste the night before. The zit will dry out with the help of the clay and mint in the toothpaste. I usually will have the toothpaste on overnight.

Banana mask for redness: this is a good mask to apply if you’re skin is breaking out or is red and blotchy. Mix a ripe, mashed banana with two tablespoons of heavy cream, a tablespoon of honey and another of flour, and finally throw in a tablespoon of water. It should feel rather mousse-y after mixing all the ingredients. Leave on your face for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse it off.

Under-eye dark circle treatments: apply the classic cucumber slice over your eyes for 15-20 minutes or do the same with chamomile tea bags (that have been steeped – and make sure they’re not boiling hot when you put them over your eyes. Common sense, people!)

Baking Soda Cleanser: mix a couple tablespoons of baking soda with several drops of water until you make a paste. Apply it around your face and leave on for about seven to ten minutes. This makes my face feel really clean and is great for people with oily or even combination/normal skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for someone with really dry skin however.

Do you have any DIY beauty treatments that you like to use? I’ll also post DIY treatments for your body and hair as well!


NOTD: Sally Hansen’s “Grape Going!” and Revlon’s “Sparkling”

Sally Hansen’s “Grape Going!” (410) from the Insta-Dri collection looks like a holographic indigo colour at first (and in these photos apparently), but when you look closely it’s more of a purple/blue duochrome with a bit of blue shimmer. It’s a pretty opaque colour; one application gets you enough of the colour, but I put on two coats. It’s pretty good in terms of chipping as well. I’ve been wearing the polish for just over a week now and it hasn’t chipped at all, only a bit of wear at the tips (also surprised with how it’s holding out because I haven’t used a top coat, oops).

For the accent nail, I used Revlon’s “Sparkling” (261), which is like a rose gold glitter. I was hoping this glitter nail polish would be way more glittery, but it took several coats to get what I have in the photo. I love the colour of the glitter, but I definitely wish it was more opaque.

Top Ten Tuesday: Classic Wardrobe Essentials

There comes a time in every girls’ lifetime when she opens her closet and thinks to herself “holy crap, I can’t wear any of this anymore.” It can vary depending on lifestyles – maybe you’re 16, 19 or even 25. You’ve been collecting trendier pieces for so long that you have finally accumulated a decade’s worth of stuff that is impractical and unwearable. It’s not even old enough to be considered “vintage” yet.

Flipping through magazines over the past several years, you can see the evolution in the way designers and stylists view trends and fashion at that current moment. What was trendy in 2003 is practically unthinkable in 2012 (think velour tracksuits with the word JUICY written in rhinestones). Despite the changes that occur and the various pieces that have rotated through your closest, there are some pieces that should and will always remain in your possession.

Classic pieces are the items you’ll be wearing season after season – usually in neutral colours, which makes it easier to pair them with more on-trend pieces. While some of these items are available to be purchased at really low prices at Wal-Mart, it’s usually advisable you invest a little more in them. It pays off spending more money on several good quality clothing items that will last years, rather than repurchasing that item ten times a year.

Also, keep in mind the fit for many of these items. You can either look stunning or uncomfortable depending on how that clothing item is tailored on you.

This is no official list by any means and can vary depending on your personal factors. It’s just a list of things I feel would flatter a wide spectrum of girls and is still versatile enough to mix with more colourful and fun items.

1. Black blazer. A casual black boyfriend blazer is not just a business ensemble – I often wear mine casually with a floral print top and skinny jeans. Yet, it still comes in handy for when I have an interview or any event in a professional setting. Make sure to shop around for a blazer, because getting a good fitting blazer is the most important thing. You don’t want to look frumpy or have it be skin tight!

2. Dark denim skinny jeans. Skinny jeans were considered a trend when they first exploded circa 2007-ish. Magazines and blogs warned girls about owning “too many” because they were only going to stay around for a season or two. Now, a vast majority own skinny jeans or jeggings (which are more on the jean than legging side). Dark denim is flattering on all figures – you don’t need to have skinny jeans necessarily. It can be a straight or boot leg too! Skinny jeans are just easier to tuck into boots and look nicer when worn with flats, in my opinion.

3. White short-sleeved t-shirt. White t-shirts are one of the few items you can get away with buying at a lower cost and in bulk most of the time. A great layering piece that can be worn casually or dressed up a bit, it should be a staple in everyone’s closet.

4. Black long-sleeved t-shirt. Another great layering piece, I find a black long-sleeve t-shirt looks much classier when layered under a dress than a white or coloured t-shirt.

5. Camis/tanks in neutral colours. Black preferably, as they can be dressed up or down in any occasion. I sometimes wear a black cami or tank top with a pair of jeans when I’m going out and it’s perfect. They can be dressed up or down, and you will always need them in your drawers. If you’re going to choose a neutral that isn’t black, go with nude over white.

6. Cardigans in neutral colours. The range of neutral colours for cardigans is wider than with the camis. Don’t stick to just Black and white – go with shades of grey, brown, creme colours, baby pinks, navy blues … you get the point. Cardigans are great alternative to wearing a baggy sweatshirt while still looking cute. Longer ones that hit right at the hip are the most flattering.

7. Ballet flats. A simple pair of flats are my go-to shoe. Look for one with a comfortable sole that isn’t going to cause your feet to be in pain after a shopping trip. Again, a simple pair in a neutral colour is what you should be looking for in order to match most of your outfits. Investing in a good pair of flats that will last you a while is more worthwhile than buying a cheap pair from Wal Mart that will rip your feet apart.

8. White button-downs. Get one that’s cotton and another made of a silkier materiel. Button downs are like blazers – you can wear them casually and make them look great for a trip into town, but you can also look smart and wear them in a professional setting. Button downs that are more fitted are easier to tuck into your pants but also look good when you keep it out.

9. Black versatile boots. So no thigh high platform boots. These are boots you can wear in cooler months that are comfortable yet stylist. A pair of knee/calf high slouchy leather boots are my favourite, but a pair of booties with a comfortable heel are a good option too. Suede isn’t the option if you’re living in wetter climates or somewhere where it snows often.

10. Pencil skirt. A black pencil skirt that grazes at the knee is the perfect length and classic style. They’re flattering on all shapes and are a great alternative to dull black dress pants. If you have an interview at a more fashion-forward setting, a pencil skirt with a trendier top and great heels keeps you looking professional but not boring.

There are several other items that can also be included in this list such as the LBD, a beige trench coat, black pea coat, etc. The key with most items that are long-term is to keep them in the neutral family and make sure it fits comfortably. If you feel at all awkward in a piece of clothing, it will show.

What are some of your favourite classic wardrobe essentials that are or aren’t mentioned?

Day in the Life: InstaMAY

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Quick lunch idea: lemon pepper chicken and asparagus

Most days, my parents will come to the kitchen exactly how they left it: clean. Not because I clean up after myself, but because I’m too lazy to bother cooking because I know I’ll have to clean up after. So I sit home for hours, alone, and groaning about how hungry I am.

If you’re a lazy cook like me, this lunch is super easy, takes practically no effort and requires a baking sheet, a small knife and a plate (in terms of utensils). All I did was use extra virgin olive oil to drizzle onto the sheet, washed the chicken breast fillets and trimmed them, then laid them onto one half of the sheet while the asparagus spears took up the other half.

I used a whole lemon, but the bottled lemon juice would work just as well. Cover the chicken and asparagus in lemon juice and then with ground black pepper. There are also lemon/pepper seasonings available at grocery stores if you want to make this step even faster. Make sure you spread the seasoning/juice with your fingers, just so it’s not all concentrated in one spot. Flip them over and do it again to the other side, just so you coat everything evenly. On the asparagus, I also spread a tiny bit of olive oil onto them just so they’d cook nicely. Chop up some garlic and spread that around the the food as well.

I set my oven to 360 F, and baked for about 23 minutes, flipping them all over after about ten minutes. The total prep time is about 15-20 minutes, so this recipe is really a quicky! You can also use a side of anything else you’d like; I just decided for veggies and dip. Hope you enjoy :)

Video: Summer make-up tutorial

Here’s my first make-up tutorial – a sunset eye-themed look that’s perfect for going out during the summer months. It works well as a day or night look, depending how bright the eyeshadow is! I prefer it as a night look, that way you’re not wearing sunglasses to disguise the gorgeous colours.

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#tallgirlproblems in regards to shopping

Standing at about five-foot-ten, I’m aware I’m not the tallest of the tall and that there are ladies who tower above all others in the six-foot range. However, I’m still above the average height for Canadian and American females (5’3.4″ and 5’4.6″, respectively) therefore I face the everyday challenges of looking down upon my peers.

Yesterday whilst shopping, I stumbled upon a never-ending frustration: the lengths of dresses/shorts/skirts. I love looking at clothes at trendier stores such as Forever21 or Urban Outfitters when I want something cheap that I know will only last a season. Unfortunately, more often than not, I leave frustrated. I find about 15 dresses that I fall in love with and each one of them give off a great crotch shot to the world.

Is it really all that difficult for manufacturers to produce SOME dresses for the taller ladies who want to shop at their stores? Sure, I can buy at least half of the dresses I find. But then if I wear them out in public, they would require me to only stand in the spot and avoid all bending over situations (well…). I don’t want to have to look through racks upon racks of dresses and question whether or not that’s a dress or a long shirt. Or whether or not that skirt is actually a strapless crop top.

Usually I end up having to go to stores geared toward the “young professional” looking for “smart casual attire” (any store with a section devoted to skirt suits is automatically geared toward the young professional). The dresses end up being longer for the average chick but ends up hitting a good length at about midthigh for me. Often there’s a smaller selection of dresses that I would wear at these stores but they still don’t take the place of that cute hi-low dress at Forever21.

There are often clothes labeled “petite” for the girls who under five-foot, so why is it that there aren’t sections devoted to the “CN Towers” of the world? Shorter girls can also get most clothes hemmed to meet their needs, but it’s not so easy for the girl who is six-foot-one who wants the same dress.

Then there’s the issue of shoes. When boot season comes around, it is my achilles heel (foot jokes, har har). I am extremely picky with shoes and it doesn’t help that the majority of flat boots are either ugly (in my opinion) or Uggs (another level of ugly). Every cute shoe I come across is a heeled shoe.

Not that I have anything against heels, I love them. I’m pretty sure I purchase more heels than flat shoes just because they’re so much prettier. What I hate is society’s convectional stares at any tall girl wearing heels out in public. And the comments that come with it.

“Ha ha, so are you like, seven-feet tall now?”

“Why would you wear heels, you’re already a (giraffe/the CN tower/other tall reference)!”

“Wow you walk well in heels for someone who is already tall.”

“How’s the weather up there?”

And so on.

There are many high-end designers who do make really nice flat shoes. But as a university student, it kills me not being able to fork over $250 for a pair of Marc Jacobs’ mouse flats. The majority of tall girls also don’t have a size six foot and many cute shoes are (again) not catered to that need.

Is it really necessary to make clothes and shoes for tall girls ugly/impractical/non-existent? The models that wear those clothes on runways and in advertisements are all AT LEAST 5’9″, so why don’t more manufacturers try to cater to that? Not all of your customers that walk through those doors are five-foot-three 14-year-olds!

/rant over.

Are you a tall girl that frequently experiences these dilemmas (or more!) when out shopping?